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ForES project educational videos are available to watch here, more info below.

1. WATCH - A Brief Introduction to the ForES Project

ForES Introduction

ForES Introduction

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The ForES team has produced a brief introductory video which features Kathleen Conroy, PhD Candidate at Trinity, explaining how the project aims to:

  • Develop natural capital accounts for forest sites that will capture information on forest stocks (amount, location and condition of forest habitats), and the flows of their ecosystem services

  • Consider multiple values of forests in addition to commercial timber production, such as carbon sequestration, water retention, biodiversity and recreation, applying a holistic approach to ensure nature’s many values are considered in decision-making

  • Develop a web-based interactive tool to support data-driven decision-making for all forest managers and landowners

2. WATCH - An Introduction to the Natural Capital Approach

'It's not about putting a price on's about recognising & valuing nature'

- Prof Jane Stout, ForES project lead, Trinity College Dublin

3. WATCH - Why Coillte is co-creating a sustainable forestry tool

'Our vision will be guided by the multiple objectives of forests - for wood, for climate, for nature...&
for people'

- Ciaran Fallon, Coillte

4. WATCH - Accounting for Forest Ecosystem Services through Natural Capital Accounting by Francesco Martini, TCD postdoc

'We monitor changes in the stocks and flows of ecosystem services - and this can be done in physical or monetary terms'

- Francesco Martini, TCD

5. WATCH - On structured decision making in ForES project

'This method will provide some guidance, given the constraints &
trade-offs that
we've identified'

- Prof Yvonne Buckley, TCD

6. WATCH - On Using Bayesian Belief Network Modelling (BBN)

'BBNs are used for scenario analysis of different management interventions on key ecosystem services'

- Prof Mary Kelly-Quinn, University College Dublin

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